The History of the "Wadkin Arms"

 (this page telling the history of how the pub came to be, is under construction with the help of June whose family ran the pub for near on a hundred years)

To date we have found that on the 1861 census, the present building being a farm with a surrender relating to the Manor of Temple Hirst, parties involved include a "Joseph Wadkin". and also mentioned Willian & Tom Gibson Hawdon of Selby, Brewers. By the 1871 census Joseph Wadkin age 38, is recorded as farmer and Beer house Keeper, to date this being the first mention of the site as we now refer to as a Public House (Pub).

The Wadkin was not the first public house in Osgodby, maps dating back to 1800's show a Pub on the corner of South Duffield Road and (Pigeon Lane) shown as The Cross Keys !!

 to be cont.................